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Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

Our Corporate Responsibilities

General International Group is dedicated to comply with the social aspect of the society and rights of its employees. We put strong emphasis in complying with our code of responsibilities under human and ethical requirements as stated:

  1. Complying with the laws and regulations in all locations where business are conducted.
  2. Employees shall be compensated for all the hours worked as legally mandated.
  3. Employees shall be entitled to a day off and will allow to work according to hours prescribed by working hours in UAE.
  4. We will not hire any employee below the prescribed age, or under the minimum age established by law according to the working condition.
  5. We recognize and respect the rights of employees to express complains and give their suggestions for better improvement, we have an open-door policy.
  6. We will not purchase materials and/or products manufactured by prison or forced labor, indentured, bonded or otherwise as we practice voluntary employment and we do not restrict free movement of our employee.
  7. We will not allow any type of harassment, abuses, and corporal, mental or physical punishment by a business partner or an employee.
  8. We will not practice any form of improper discrimination in hiring and employment, including on the basis of age, race, color, gender, or religion.
  9. We will ensure that our employees are provided with safe and healthy work environment in the manner of complying with all the applicable laws and regulations.
  10. We will adhere to all applicable laws regarding the protection and preservation of the environment to ensure the safekeeping of our surroundings. We intend to conduct all our business in a manner consistent with the highest level of ethical standards, we will seek and utilize partners who will do likewise as this contributes to our corporate reputation and the collective success of our organization and selected business partners.   


Guiding Principles

- To work in a supportive and cooperative manner

- To maintain open communications

- Decisions will be made in a consultative manner

- Sustainability will be balanced by integrity and guided by our mission

- Our organization and its work will be guided by appropriate legislation and endorse the UAE labor  law for legal requirements to sustain our responsibilities to all our clients and our stakeholders

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